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National Library, originally uploaded by natashayong.

Like every Singaporean, just had to check out the spanking new metallic space age looking National Library which opened late last month. Now situated at Bras Bahsa Road. The NB have certainly gone a looong way, remembering the brick building of yester years. The gals thought it would be cool to check out the place. Had dinner at Hans, nicely positioned at a very airy and spacious atrium. For once I actually found the meal at Hans to be rather enjoyable. The black pepper steak set dinner of $8.50 turned out surprisingly decent. I've even heard praises for the Teh-si which you can savour for $1. The collection of books at present is ultra pathetic. I am sighting reasons such as "too new lah, the books have yet to arrive" to "grand opening last month, Singaporeans borrowed all the good stuff". Quite unfortunately, I hung around the fiction shelves of trashy romance and girly glitters of "ditching the guy" to "turning 30" for too long. I really wanted to be around books of art, poems and perhaps maybe something on psychology. Yeah, Arty-fart wanna-be. On the other hand, I never had the habit to browse aimlessly. I've always had a list of books I want to read, which incidentally I've also bookmarked into my NB account. The norm would be to check online if the book is available before heading down to the library.

This time round, I had my heart set on reading Tim Burton's "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy". Which I managed to borrow at the Library@Orchard. Very morbid, very cool. Extremely brilliant. It's a classic on it's own.

Back to the NB. We didn't have enough time to explore the other levels. Next time I'll be visiting the Lee Kong Chian Reference Section.

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