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The last week or 2 have been pretty much dedicated to upgrading myself. Decided to sign on for the National Library Premium Membership (@$21/year) that entitles you to borrow Audio/Visual media. The sign on system was also smart enough to deduct the $1 fine which I've been owing NB (interest free) for the longest time. When the Library@Esplande opened, I took up the Premium Membership for a year. Thought the selection of Art House films where pretty interesting. There are also some mainstream film that are older and I really didn't mind watching. That was all before I signed up for broadband... and things changed quite a bit.

The biggest push for this particular sign on was credited to the fact that I really wanted this VCD on Access Database design. It turned out rather crappy. Since with the membership, I also picked up 2 documentaries; one on the Egyptian Empire and the other on Gladiators and the Destruction of Pompeii. Was initially hesitant on forking out $21 bucks, but has to admit that I have spent more on lesser things.

Since the week of National Day, I've been attending short courses for Macromedia MX 2004. Also aware of the Studio 8 release which will be officially launched this Friday, but according to the trainer most of the content for Dynamic Application and ActionScript 2.0 will remain. In addition, also picked up a Database and Web Standards book. I'll be completing my last training on ActionScript for Developers. I've lost lots of brain cells through the process.

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