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You feel special when someone out there answers your prayer. Well, those of you who have been reading my entries know how much I've been wanting to spend an afternoon, all snuggled up under my blanket while the weather outside is all wild, gray and pouring with rain. I have to be thankful for 2 such afternoons. One after Chek Jawa (on a Monday when everyone else was hard at work - *evil laughter*) and another over the weekend.

Perhaps because of the rain, it was a rather plain weekend. Ordered home delivery pizza and watched a couple of DVDs. I think the cheese got the better of me and I sort of had mild diarrhea later. I have a good feeling it's the body's way of reacting to all the dreaded, sinful meals of Fish & Co., Gelare, Tappas Tree, Hooters, KFC and Pizza Hut! In more then 1 ways, I deserve it.

Hoping for some redemption, I played my guts out at a 3 hours badminton practice last night. Again, I think the body is reacting... achy ness due to lack of exercise!

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