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Be With Me, originally uploaded by natashayong.

I caught the film's Charity Gala Premiere with the "honour" of President SR Nathan and a couple of other "celebrities" such as Dick Lee, Ix Shen and some other Mediacorp artists whom I don't recognise. The tickets cost $100 each (thank goodness I was invited) and proceeds when to a scholarship fund! I mean, how many scholars with special needs and financial difficulties need the help? I wouldn't even start on the quality of scholars we're producing these days...

So these folks from the high society were actually at the cinema for the whose who appearances. Not that they care anything about films, Eric Khoo films or Art Films. In fact it was amusing to see how some reacted to the "dialogue-less" 1st 20 mins of the film. This mid age man turned to ask his wife (or mistress, who knows) if the movie was by any chance a silent film!

Plus a film with lesbians as a sub plot and scholarships... How am I suppose to make the association?

I would have expected more from Khoo. Considering I thought highly of "12 Storeys", which I remembered I caught at Cathy's demolished Picture House Cinemas. But there's a fine line between an Art Film and trying to be arty in a film. This one was plain painful.

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