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I consider myself an outdoor chick. I don't mind roughing things out, dirt in hands and erratic weather conditions. Perhaps you can say I enjoy being in the midst of nature. Derek has fallen deeply in love with paddling through off-road tracks and for the past 2 weekends, we roughed it out cycling at Pulau Ubin and Tanjung Pengelih (Johor, Malaysia). I'm never a mountain biking gal and I still find cycling a road bike way cooler. But I must admit that I kind of enjoyed the cheap trills of ramping down earthen tracks, bumping your ass and feeling the vibrations of uneven ground.

Tanjung Pengelih, is about an hour boat ride away from Changi Village Jetty. That place is pure Kampong. Farming land, wooden houses, kids running around naked and extremely warm greetings. Kids would run towards the main road to wave and greet us as we cycled pass. It took around 20km into the town centre where we feasted on some really awesome seafood for RM$30! Includes baby butter lobsters, Teochew style steamed fish, hotplate Tou Fu, stir fried Kai Lan, oyster omelet, beer and coconut juice (icy cold and very very sweet Siam coconut). All was well for the 1st 1/2 of trip till we were caught in a massive (x10) down pour on our return journey to the Malaysian jetty to catch our ride back by 2pm. I've never walked in a down pour much less cycled in one. It was no easy feat, as you doubled your paddle power against the gusting winds. Cars speeding pass send "showers of blessing" from the ground. Thank goodness I had my poncho on.

I've been thinking that it will be kinda cool to incorporate video or photography on such trips in future. Something like this is way cool!


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