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STYG Publicity Poster, originally uploaded by natashayong.

Kudos to Dennis who gladly offered to supply both server and bandwidth space to the STYG website. He was cursing and swearing at how big some of the files were! Just kidding! I’m just glad we have finally placed everything together and the site is looking neat enough. I’ve churned out a new (and hopefully the last) promotional poster. Father D. had heaps to comment on the poster and launch events… almost no comments on the website content. I wonder why… He grew kind of concerned when I informed him that as Spiritual Director of the group, he should visit the site weekly to comment on the forum and post some notes. The last pieces of the puzzle are to get the inaugural message sent out and stick up the posters around church. Apparently, there were concerns at the parish meeting that other parishioners might mistake the STYG website to be the upcoming official parish website… I thought most people these days are smart enough to read and comprehend, especially when the 2 launch dates are like months apart…

Get a glimpse of the site at

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