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Vatican Collections
Vatican Collections,
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I love art museums. Not that I go to many. I blame it on the fact that museum showcases in Singapore are simply pathetic. The last museum I visit in my homeland was at Armenian Street, an Egyptian showcase where they displayed a flown in Mummy. An unknown Mummy as that. A far cry from Pharos of yester years which I leaned over in Cairo. The honest fact is I’ve never stepped foot into the Asian Civilization Museum. I had the slightless clue what they displayed in there.

The highlight of the visit was actually the Vatican Collection flown in from Rome. About 140 pieces of not so famous pieces were on display introducing Christian Art through the ages and its spread into Asia. I was fortunate enough to tag along with a volunteer guide just about an hour before closing time. He mainly explained the better known pieces but certainly provided deeper insights into the meaning of the art. There were a couple of pieces that I really loved. “Saint Matthew and the Angel” by Guido Reni (1635) which was such a gem since I studied the Gospel of Matthew class earlier in the year. It was just such an emotional piece as the elderly man (St. Matt) leaned towards a child angel for spiritual advise on writing the word of God. Thjavascript:void(0)e carvings of catacombs where children of faith laid, the famous St. Francis Crab with the crucifix and this absolutely beautiful ivory crucifix so detailed; it even showed beads of Christ’s blood amplifying the pain and suffering of the last hours. For a $4.00 entrance fee, I thought it was a nice way to spend a Friday night, by the river with some worthy art.

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