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There are a few things in life you can bet your money on. Star Wars is one of them.
Following the success of the Lord of the Rings Exhibition earlier this year, the Singapore Science Centre has brought in another money making stunt - The Art of Star Wars. There is so much juice in Star Wars the movie has everything that interest me in movie magic; design art pieces, props, technical equipments, costumes etc etc etc. One would wonder how much of the 6 episodes they will really feature in the allocated exhibition space. I had visited the Lord of The Rings exhibition earlier in the year and most of my time at the exhibition was spent in the 300 sitter auditorium watching Making Of(s) that are from DVDs that I already own. The exhibition space layout is EXACTLY THE SAME this time round. Talk about keeping the formula for success... It's not a very big area and for all the history and detail that Star Wars contain, that space certainly do NO justice.

But as a die hard fan, I will be willing to part with cash to catch the vague showcase. Though I still think $18 for the entrance fee is such a rip off! Heard that a lot will surround Episode III, Revenge of the Sith. I am not entirely crazy of that episode, but there are some merits.


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  3. maybe u wan to do something to block spam

    i want go on weeekday, few people, the silence, i like

    but have no more leave left this year, next year 'banned' from taking leave until one of my colleagues return from maternity leave

    that will be later than the exhibition's last day

    apa lah...

  4. Can block spam ar... Will check it out. It seems that you are the few souls that leave a comment...

    Yes, should be weekdays. Apparently kenny went for exhibition and you can take pictures with the use of flash!

  5. sorry - should be WITHOUT the use of Flash.

  6. WAH!!! CAN AH?!!! must tell my SD, he going this weekend

    the Lounge Worship CD i lent first my cousin dis Wednesday

  7. check wat graphics card i need den let u noe :)


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