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There comes a time in your life when you're suddenly attending lots of weddings, a period with lots of baby showers, a time when's there's plenty of children party and then later funerals galore. Sounds of ringing wedding bells filled the air last weekend as I witnessed Francis & Linda's matrimony. I'd have to admit that it's one of the few rather unorganised weddings I've helped out in a while. The mass booklet arrived mins before the bride walked down the isle, the father of the bride was asking on which side of the bride he should be standing on, the bride was asking if her veil should be put down, the Best Man had his role as ring bearer over thrown by the Page Boy and the florist and caterer had no clue how to go about their tasks.

It was quite an adventure by itself, but like any blessed day; everything fell in place just nice. Everyone was so nicely dressed, guys in suits and gals in pretty blouses and dresses. It was a treat as we all went trigger happy capturing some classic shots!


  1. ATI Radeon 9250 128MB DDR+TV-out
    according to weeks ago Fuwell selling for $58

  2. talking about getting hitched..i'm joining to sing for wedding Mass weeks soon

  3. Sigh... Girl... mine is 9700 Pro
    totally differnt league from the one you mentioned... Good Graphics Card never come with TV in-out one.

  4. my mainboard 3 years old so dat's y lor...

    dey dun ah? abiang..but nem mind lah, i dun care got the TV feature or not lah, i watch TV on TV ;p


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