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Today in particular is all about Thanksgiving. It's a celebration for a harvest of plenty. It's not widely celebrated over on the Eastern side of the globe, but it bear lots of similarity to our Chinese Tradition called "guo dong" or crossing the winter. It's a time where families gather for the last meal of winter before preparations into Spring for the Chinese New Year festivities. Instead of "bai jan ji" (Steamed White Chicken) the Americans replaced theirs with a fat stuffed roasted Turkey.

Aside from the awesome food, it's largely a time to appreciate the good things in your life.

Throughout this year, I've been spending some time "searching". It's both good and bad news that I am almost quite certain I haven't found what I'm looking for.
Simply because finding something means no longer having the experience of the search, but it also means not being able to fulfill the joy of the find. Then again there isn't any guarantee that finding something comes with absolute happiness. I've heard that the it's the Journey that matters most.

I've sort of allocated more time this year to developing my Spiritual Knowledge. I did the Matthew Gospel, Choice Weekend, sessions with ACT, talks at CANA and the on-going Journey Within Prayer sessions. I've come to realise my faith is a highly complex one. Highly intriguing and many times fairly contradicting. Man is created with a core purpose. There will also be something missing till our purpose for creation is addressed. Only then will we be truly happy. Perhaps I am "searching" for mine.

When you start thinking back on things to be grateful for, I suddenly realise how blessed I really am. It's in the imperfection of what you have that it can dawn upon you that everything can be a lot worse. Perhaps it's human nature with their tendency to compare; but as there will always be someone richer, more beautiful, more brainy, more passionate.. there's always the flip side. Where do we all stand? What's important is knowing what matters most to you. Those that really do matter aren't many. It's ironic how much time we spend on things we care less about...

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