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I'm ending my year with presents galore and a stuffed tummy. Festive buffets at Keppel Club, Marriott; dinner gatherings at Crystal Jade, Dome and home delivery junk food like curry chicken Golden Pillow! I've been eating non-stop, I'm just stuffed! As of today, I am on a detox fruits program, but it wouldn't last very long with New Year's Eve around the corner. So as soon I clear my system off those oily, greasy, sugar coated goodies I've consumed during the week... I will replace it with a belly full of beer!

It's quite hard to believe that I have lived through yet another year; as of now - 364 days of 2005. The year brought with it new challenges, a deepening of faith, a cultivation of relationships and joys of new discoveries. There were so many moments that made this year special. When something good passes, there's always this bitter sweet feeling... then the anticipation and fear of the unknown in another year... This year, I had my fair share of laughters and tears; for all it's worth... I'm proud of all the experiences I have encountered.

And so the journey of Life will continue into 2006...
Give thanks for everyday of 2005 and Have a fantastic 2006!

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