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Some 1st and last while crossing into the New Year

Last proper meal of 2005 : Prawn Noodles @ Adam’s Road Hawker Centre
First proper meal of 2006 : Bah Ku Teh @ Chinatown Hawker Centre

Not surprising it’s 2 of my all time favourite local dishes. It’s the first time I tried the Prawn Noodles at Adam’s, huge ½ cut juicy prawns with lean pork and awesomely flavoured soup base. Apparently it’s one of the “Must Try” stalls at Adam’s apart from the long heard about Prata and Nasi Lemak. The Bah Ku Teh is a common Sunday morning delight with the family after Sunday Mass.

Last outing of 2005 : Fireworks display @ Esplanade
First outing of 2006 : Sunday Mass

It’s nice to “explode” into the New Year and give praise to the Creator of All in the morning. Surprisingly we had very little difficulty getting transportation in and out of the Fullerton / Marina area with the entire crowd. Thankfully…

Last movie of 2005 : The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
First movie of 2006 : King Kong

Maybe I’ve been deprived, but I’ve only vaguely known the Narnia story from young. So Andrew Adamson’s rendition of the movie was my 1st real exposure to C.S Lewis. Besides just being a wonderful children’s film, the movie brought forth good values; values of responsibility, courage and love of family. Through the innocence of children and the magic of a land beyond the wardrobe. I believe the success of the film will spur onto the excitement of the other books. Many have tried to compare Adamson’s Narnia to the Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Largely because both directors are friends, both from New Zealand, both chose to shot their films amongst the greenery of New Zealand and both used special effects from the studios of kiwi land. Then there’s the similarity between the authors, Lewis and Tolkien who were also friends! Yet, I think both movies though similar, yet very apart have found their foot hole in capturing the essence of their authors.

On the other hand, I’ve been a huge King Kong fan all my life. Since the 1st Kong movie directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernast B. Schodesack. However, the bigger star of that 1933 film was actually Willis H O’Brien, the father of stop-motion that inspired my personal animation idols Ray Harryhausen and Stan Winston. Peter Jackson’s Kong tribute enhanced the storyline without loosing the core of the film. Essentially, it’s the film I love and am very familiar with. Now with Jackson’s cinematic touch of even greater effects and a more emotional Kong. My only issue is I thought Kong looked a little too much like Might Joe Young…

Last kiss of 2005 : Cannot recall… somewhere within the day of 31st Dec 2005
First kiss of 2006 : After the fireworks display @ Esplanade

Last activity of 2005 : Cycling with SWCT
First activity of 2006 : Building a Dino Ziod

Cycling at an avg. speed of 25 – 28 km/hr from Bedok Jetty > Kallang > Nicoll Highway > Shenton Way > Telok Blangah Green > Henderson Road > Botanic Gardens > Adams Road and back home after that… I think my legs nearly fell off after the ride, thought I might have to spend the New Year in bed with bad aches; but surprisingly… I’m jumping around fine…
I spent the afternoon of New Year’s Day building a ferocious Ziod Dinosaur, battery operated to move, whip its tail and roar! Pretty cool!

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