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It's funny the responses I got from my 'kind' friends on the bruised & scratched situation that I am in.
Extracts of some of the comments to let you know what I really mean...

"tat was quite a nasty fall .. how on earth did u get yrself so badly hurt ??? yr leg looks like braised pig trotters ...hahaha .."

"u damn funny lor..... ur photos looks like those gruelsome photos in those chinese medicine shops, whenever they wanna sell those miraclous healing ointments.. hee
okie...sorry, don't think it's very funny to you hor....:P
aiyoh, u just learn how to cycle issit? how come u can fall while going downhill? u didn't brake issit? or maybe ur bike too high?"

"saw ur disfigured body parts on the net, so r u okie now?"

"nice work ... i love the commentary on the picture .. do u know it can actually be sang as a song?"

"get well soon. and for god sake learn how to ride a bike...."

In all fairness, you folks were truly sweet. I am blessed...
The bruises have turned a pale shade of brown but it's still visible. I'm giving it another week to clear completely.

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