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We're about 10 days to Christmas.
Finally I'm able to adjust myself full swing into the mood after a hectic week of job deadlines and late nights. I'm still extremely sleepy with dark panda eyed rings. On a happy note, the money will go to good use for the Christmas season and my bike. I'm gearing myself for the holidays; I want to make Christmas Cards, come out with a Christmas Gift List, go shopping, clean up my house a little, give something to the poor and perhaps spend a little quiet time.

Now that I am giving Christmas more thought, it seems to come across more like a period to reflect on 'Being Christ' to the people around.
This year, the youth in STYG will be making a very meaningful weekend trip up to Boys' Home in Bintan. They will be experiencing what 'under privilege' means and appreciating what each has been blessed. I would have made the trip if the dates had not clash with my D&D and also the Journey Within session. Guess there will always be other occasions. Wishing the group an eventful and safe journey - I'm sure it'll be a good one.

This year for a long time had been a good one - in an overall kind of way; and looking deeper into the world around me and realising that I am truly one of the more blessed souls, I somehow wish I can do 'more'. More what, more how or more when... I haven't really figured out. Maybe I'll come to realise that next year.

So this Christmas, I'm just contented to spend it with my family, friends and baby Jesus. Just to let them all know, they mean something in my life.

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