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For the most part of this year, my focus was largely on the Charity Bike and Blade event in aid of the St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital. Hours and hours or training, $$$ spent to purchase bike parts, bike accessories, bike wear… then there’s the $1,000 fund raising target which by the grace of very generous vendors and friends, I managed to even exceed. Not forget my physical pain and scars through the process. It’s funny; now that it’s all over… it seems that a part of me had passed by… very quickly…

But not so quickly as I was riding 100s of km to pit-stops and rest over destinations under the blazing sun. I swear I was suffering so bad, struggling to climb hill after hill after hill. The pain of sitting on a saddle for over 8 hours and the tiredness of the legs. Go figure how much I complained. It’s true when people say “the mind is stronger then the body”, and how you just keep on going (in pain) when your entire body is telling you to GIVE IT UP! What you don’t give up doing just makes you a stronger person.

When the pain passes, the good memories set in. It’s the people at the end of it all that makes everything worth while.
Johari, Husian, Jeannie, Desmond, Othman and Karen who stayed by me at my impossible slooow pace. And of course, Noor; who made the West rides possible and enjoyable for me train.
More importantly, I hope I touched the people and patients at the mission hospital whom I have neither face nor name to put to.

Some special things from Charity Bike & Blade 2006...

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