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The Soup Spoon
The Soup Spoon,
originally uploaded by natashayong.
I'm not crazy about food and food review; but there's something about drinking SOUP that I particularly enjoy. I called myself the MSG kid, for all the Campbell Can Soup and Maggie Noodles I drowned myself with when I was younger. Specifically influenced by my mom (who by the way is Cantonese) and this tradition that flowed down from generations after generations about making water taste awesome. Chinese boiled soup; chicken or pork based with melon, roots and herbs. Hours of slow cooking till the flavour sets in. I can drink the entire pot! Soup is like the dedication of love to the Cantonese.

For me, anything goes. Any kind of soup goes! Simply why I thought The Soup Spoon tugged at my heart string. Thick, saucy, ingredient filled bowl of yummy goodness…

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  1. mei nu!!!!!!!

    glad to see u updated ur blog, & you've done the bike & blade with success!!

    see u soon ya!


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