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My iPod Nano has a name – NATnoo. Heee… I love it! I’m starting to enjoy my iPod more than I thought I would.
Here’s why:
1)Podcast - "Podcasting" is a portmanteau coined in 2004, that combined two words: "iPod" and "broadcasting." I wouldn’t credit iPod to the increased success of online audio broadcast downloads, but Apple really have a way of making things SIMPLE. With iTunes, you can search for THOUSANDS of really good podcast programmes for FREE! There’s stuff for investment, religion, health, relationships… you name it. In fact, you’re so spoilt for choice, you wouldn’t even know what’s really good.

2)You Are What You Hear – Everyone wants to know what songs you have in your playlist. It kinda defines what kind of person you are. There’s this instant connection when you’ve got a song that they like. Music does strange things…

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