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The same time last year, I wouldn't have cared much about this event. But ever since I took on cycling toward the end of 2005, cycling meant more then just keeping fit on 2 wheels. If not for the Hernandez unfriendly traffic in Singapore, cycling would be more then just a leisure sport... it would have been a GREAT means of transportation!

SWCT had a nifty booth for the Green Transport Carnival 2006 (27 Aug). The Carnival kicks off a week long of awareness to going "Green" for the environment.

Background Information
The first Car Free Day campaign was launched in 2001 to help push for better sustainability in the local transportation system. Singapore supports a large private car population, despite our land scarce situation and high vehicle costs.

In 2003, the campaign name was changed to Green Transport Day, to better reflect recent developments that have brought eco friendly transport alternatives such as hybrid cars as well as bicycle and car sharing schemes onto the market.

Green transportation issues continue to have relevance in Singapore today, because of the need to position the city as an eminently livable location that is well connected to the rest of the world. Besides reducing the productivity of its people, pollution and congestion from traffic can certainly make a city unpleasant to live in. SEC’s Green Transport Day (GTD) event also ties in with the goal of SEC’s Climate Change Awareness Programme (CCAP) that was launched on Earth Day, 22 Apr 2006.

• Encourage the use of public transport (precludes taxis) by underlining ease of use and relatively low cost
• Create awareness about green transport as one aspect of the climate change issue (CCAP)

Although the Sunday morning was dampen by the early rain, the clouds cleared towards the afternoon where lots of action happened.

There were Bike clinics by SWCT (lead by Khairul and Juliana); demos by inline skaters, skateboarders, BMX bikers and uni-cyclists; and percussion performance by Samba Masala, SMU. Participants of the ECO chase ran helter skelter all over Singapore using public transport, running and cycling on an eco-treasure hunt. Good prize money too! $2000 for the top prize! We had a teeny weenie bite of the cherry at the brunch reception ;-)

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