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Badminton Tournament 2006
Badminton Tournament 2006,
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OMG!!! The many many practice sessions at the Teachers’ Union, strategic pairing and a stroke of blessing actually saw us lifting the annual department Badminton Tournament 2006 CHAMPION Trophy.
The fact remains that we are a dept. of about 10, with 7 in the Badminton Team. Who would have thought that the dark horse would knock out FMD (last year’s No. 2) in the 1st round on 11 August. The 1st game was the deciding match to move onwards and we were fighting rubber games for both Women and Mix matches. The ultimate Mix match was so nail biting, we were cheering out heads off when we won!

FMD vs. IT (Women Score)
0 – 15 (IT)
15 – 12 (FMD)
9 – 15 (IT)

The Semi-finals put the stress back on the Mix and in yet another rubber game, we fought our way to play for 1st or 2nd place.

Sales vs. IT (Women Score)
0 – 15 (IT)
0 – 15 (IT)

We were preparing to fight against last year’s No. 1 when we heard news that one of the top Men tore his knee joint muscle. That put last year’s No. 3 fighting with us in the Finals.
In many ways it was simpler fight. Giving us a fair 50 / 50 chance at taking the top spot. They had a strong Men, we had the upper hand for the Women and the Mix were equally strong.
Surprisingly, the line up for the competing team were switched and they made a decision to take out the strongest female out of the Mix.
Our Mix Team took home the Trophy with an fairly simple win.

PDD vs. IT (Women Score)
9 – 15 (IT)
5 – 15 (IT)

Things we learnt from the competition
1) Practice makes Perfect
2) Always encourage
3) Trust your Teammate
4) Take each game at a time
5) Have a Celebration after every win
6) No stress – Just WIN

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