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I owe Wendy this one...
7 random things about me
1) Remember those days of yester years when you were a kid and someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up… I would say Lawyer, Journalist or Artist.
2) Between Chocolate and Strawberry, I would choose Strawberry.
3) Between Literature and History, I love both.
4) I sleep best in a quiet, dark and cool environment.
5) I spend too much time in front of a box. A radiating flicker generating computer box.
6) I can cook. But I don’t cook enough because I hardly have the time. Then again, I eat to live…
7) I like guys with a broad chest. At least broad enough for me to rest my head upon and hear the rhythm of his heartbeat.

7 things that scare me
1) Creepy Croackroaches
2) Too much Blood
3) Loosing my Faith
4) Loosing my Family
5) Loosing my Sight
6) Pride
7) Scars

7 random music of the moment
1) Abba – Thank You for the Music
2) Earth, Wind & Fire – Mighty
3) Green Day – Wake Me Up When Stemptember Comes
4) Jame Blunt – Beautiful
5) Cold Play – Don’t Panic
6) Trisha Yearwood – There Goes My Baby
7) Jamiroqaui – Virtual Insanity

7 things i love the most
1) Weird, Morbit, Strangely Unique Stuff
2) Tim Burton, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Wong Kar Wai Movies
3) Fireworks
4) Nintendo DS Lite
5) My Scott Contessa MTB
6) Rainy days in bed
7) Tea

7 things i always say
1) “I’m not so sure about that”
2) “How now Brown Cow”
3) “Ole MAN!!!”
4) “Whaaa liao”
5) “Ciao”
6) “Thank You”
7) “Aidios”

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