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Innocence Has A Power Evil Cannot Imagine

Watching an excellent movie as wonderful as Guillermo Del Toro’s Spanish fantasy movie Pan’s Labyrinth is like finding the perfect pearl. I’ve been anticipating this film for the longest time – the wait was well worth every minute. The film had everything I could ask for in a great film: a dark fairy tale, the innocence of a child, the metaphor of heaven & earth, good vs. evil, enough violence and gore, fantastic acting and animation and characters that lead you deeper into the story.

Set during Spanish Civil War, the real and the surreal world intertwine into the new life of Ofelia (played to absolute perfection, by the then 11 year old, Ivana Baquero) when her pregnant mother travels north of Spain into the woods to be with her new husband, Captain Vidal. In the midst of war and bloodshed, Ofelia discovers the bizarre, frightening world of Pan's Labyrinth. Through the eyes of a young innocent child, we witness the desire to escape to world of peace and freedom.

There is so much we can interpret about the characters of the film.
What do you read of the Faun? Will you always be guided to a better world?
The Pale Man with eyes he can put onto his stigmata hands? Is he a representation of authority, religion? A cause of temptation and punishment?
The root baby? The “root” to the believe of magic?

Within the symbolism, myths and religion, the harsh reality and a fantasy… we’re left at the end of the story thinking about our fears, our dreams and what we are willing to sacrifice to get it.
Visually one of the darkest films, yet so beautiful. A lullaby, yet so haunting. So sad, yet so uplifting.

My only qualms are the obvious censorship cuts and Narnia heaven like ending. I would have preferred it darker…

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