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Asia is booming…so the newspapers tell us. Cities in the region are rapidly expanding, with shiny new skyscrapers popping up and changing the landscape, movement between cities becoming increasingly common. A transformation is happening before our eyes. Is this growth a manifestation of our inner world… a sign that our utopian ideal is just within our grasp? Or a symptom of our Society of the Spectacle, with our fetish for progress?

Signs, Omens and Relics of Faith is an immersive and interactive multichannel video installation. Filmed on location in Shenton Way, the heart of the Central Business District of Singapore, Brian Gothong Tan’s new work for 72-13’s Creative-in-Residence programme attempts to create a series of strategies for engaging with the city in collaboration with a new generation of performance artists in Singapore.

Exhibition Opening

25 January – 4 February 2007


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