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It's back to work after 3 days of Golden Pig festivities. In summary, there were simple gatherings with lots (and LOTS) of food. Very little rushing around and enough time and space for me to laze around and catch up on those Oscar nominated films. I'm still enjoying the neatness of the room - that's a good thing; but something tells me it's not gonna last too long... The Ang Pow collection seemed to have shrunk, but I'm still very thankful for all the generousity. Wouldn't be near enough to pay off the Wii and I just discovered that my air-con seemed to have gone cranky.

The pace in the office is chunking along at snail rate. Have yet to put myself back into working gear. The festive mood still lingers in the air. Feel extremely unproductive. Already looking forward to the weekend. It's Oscars Weekend and a couple of us will be gathering for OSCARS NIGHT! Yeeaaah!

Couple of Oscar Theme Party Menus:
1) @ All Recipes
2) @ Epicurious
Let's bring out the POPCORN!!!

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