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I finally have to say goodbye to a worthy DVD Burner - Pioneer A60 who had served me so well for about 3 - 4 years. It was a graceful death, slowly showing signs of ill health till it can no longer burn anymore.
At the rate I burn, re-burn, read and spin; I consider myself an above average DVDR user.
The Pioneer laser optics have proven itself and I decided to pick up yet another Pioneer burner DVR-111DSX.
It was sweet that it also came in a slick silver colour that matched my Lianli aluminum case perfectly.

* Very good write quality with CD-R media
* Excellent write quality with most DVD±R/RW media
* Supports DVD+RW/-RW at 8x/6x
* Supports DVD+R DL/-R DL at 8x/8x writing speed
* Supports DVD-RAM read/write at 5x
* Can write DVD±R/DL media at higher than its rated speed
* Supports 32x CD-RW writing speed
* Supports auto Bitsetting for DVD+R DL (BookType to DVD-ROM)
* Can read Pressed DVD-ROM/DVD-Video SL/DL at 16x/12x
* 'Two Sheep' writer
* Very good build quality
* Supports DAO-RAW writing
* Supports Mini DVD-R discs

Most importantly, he Pioneer DVR-111 proved to be a fairly quiet. The drive also run very cool, which may be important if the drive is housed in a cramped PC case, or used in a hot climate.

Great reviews overall.

After 3 years, I now pay 1/3 of the price I did then on the hardware and get 4x more on burning speed.

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