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Sinful packed Malay dinner, even more sinful Vietnamese dripped coffee with a rich scoop of dark chocolate gelatos and Music from the 80s.
Wendy trotted her way over to my place with the intension of learning Photoshop Elements, but we were having so much fun sharing music. It was like a really bad karaoke session (without mics) gone wrong.
We were singing our hearts out to yester hits like Betty Boo, LFO, Sugar Ray and S Club 7... yes it was so lame.
It wasn't until about midnight that we got down to Photoshop business. I was still perky from the potency of the Trung Nguyen coffee.
Then there was the thunderstorm which cooled the night.

Wendy swear that we should have more chill nights like this.

On the downside, Wendy brought along a Worm Virus, boot.exe which she later suspect might be contracted from a printing shop.
I did experience some significant slowness surfing. Can only await to return home to check on the health of my system.
Word of advise for today - "Invest in Anti-virus, the pay off is better then your insurance." huh.

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