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It leaves a fuzzy feeling in the heart when you go through a turning point in your Age’s Number! But nothing will replace moments in your life’s journey when you’ve come close to building a special bond with someone. When relationships truly develop and joy takes place.

I cannot say how blessed I am. So often we are unable to fathom what real blessings mean. That everything that I have in my life is God’s gift for me.

There are only so many significant milestones in ones’ life…

The day that I was brought into this earth was actually Good Friday… and then now it is Easter. How cool is that! It leaves me thinking of God’s eternal promises to me. That on Easter and also my day, we celebrate LIFE.

No celebration is really complete without food, gifts, surprises and most of all great friends.

From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank Sharon, Wendy and Jo enough. The Fun Sophisticated Princesses have put together the most kick-ass birthday celebration I could ever have!

I can only imagine the endless hours of preparation, co-ordination, compromises, sleepless nights, sweat and maybe even blood they’ve given so freely.

Especially during a period when Sharon is going through personal issues, Wendy with her exam papers coming up (please pass or I will blame myself) and Jo who is busy with Lent sessions with the Sisters. I am truly honoured that so much was done with what remains of your own personal time. Although the grand ideas of a party in Bali, a Cruise or even Les Amis did not materialize; the party was nevertheless most heart-felt. Those other BIG ideas can come another year! Hahaha!!!

And to each and everyone else who played along with the “surprise” element of the day!

Starting with Wendy who had to stroll into my house with her Mafia sunshades proclaiming my “limo” ride is waiting. Well, it wasn’t a real limo, but her dad’s 4WD. That vehicle ROCKED!

For everyone who turned up early with sparklers at the entrance of Goodwood Park Hotel and indulging me with star treatment as I took off my blindfold and was crowned with a Barbie Tiara! It was hilarious that I later learnt that numerous hotel guests were a little fearful when they saw the group crowding outside holding what looked like black jossticks unlit. It looked like some unorganized cult group gathering. Even more guest rushed out when I arrived, thinking that I was some famous celebrity!!!

To Alex, who cannot stop snapping pictures throughout the event.

For the theme of the party – “Memory Lane”; with those old school toys that Sharon placed on each table. They included 5 stones, pick-up sticks, old maid cards, rubbers (for Kop-Rubber), paper blow up ball, that feather thing that you’re suppose to kick with and this crazy battery operated bus toy that plays “It’s A Small World” !?!?!

Most of all I HAD A GAME CAKE!!! Not just one but TWO Wiimote Controllers Raspberry Cheese Cakes!!! It was so kick-ass I could die! When I finally get my REAL Wii console, everyone is invited for a round of Fight Night Wii Boxing at my place.

Most of all, to each and everyone who took time off their busy Easter weekend to be with me. Especially, my Dad & Mom (who sacrificed her sleep after night duties & even made her hair) and Marie & Dennis whom I felt like I was with you guys for almost 24 hours!!! We practically did breakfast to breakfast!!!

This may sound strange – but as far as Earthly Birthday Celebration goes; mine tops the list for me. But the highlight of my birthday was actually Easter Vigil.

Practically no one believed me when I told them I’ve NEVER attended an Easter Vigil. Yupe, never. I didn’t even know what I was missing out for the longest time.

If my Mom, Dad and closest friends would go through the pains of organizing an unforgettable party for me, what more would my Father in Heaven do? He gave me the Light of Easter, the symbol of new birth; showered me with baptismal waters and renewed my vows of faith; He invited all the Angels and Saints, called them by name (try to beat this guest list!); He reminded me that he is the God of all things, yet he loves me like no other… the promise of His inheritance and the sharing of His Body and Blood. The mass ended with astounding praise to “Great is the Lord”. This has to be one of the BEST mass I’ve ever attended in my life! I can’t thank Marie and Sharon for convincing me to attend vigil to end of my celebrations.

And to think the party continues into the wee morning hours at St. James Power Station with enough Booze and House Music to dance the night away.

Everything fell into place in one word – PERFECT!

I continue to count the blessings in my life.

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