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7 Days ago, I was working with one of my vendors on this SMS application that we're interfacing with our Sales CRM Application. To cut the long story short and get to the juicy bit... in some freak unfortunate circumstance, the way the SMS module was instructured to work, was to delete all "other" emails not related to it's rules... all is fine, just that my many years of office email box was used! So in a strange liberating way, I believe I have at least 1,000 over official working emails disappeared into thin air. I will normally throw myself into a hideous panic, frenzy, pull out all my hair... but I was as cool as a cucumber. Read my Twitter on the fustrations of the day. Went through the procedures step by step and made numerous calls to people who could remotely help at helpdesk support. Obviously, I'm too small a fly for anyone to pay too much time and effort on. By the end of the day, they officially announced they can't do no nothing to help. I wasn't surprised with the verdict... I wonder why...

So suddenly, my Inbox was empty! No more random messages from the server saying my Indox is reaching it's limited... or CLOSED!!! I felt so free...
1 week later, I am reaching 200 emails in the Inbox. Emails have never been so annoying! *hiaz*

For those that were concerned... no... nothing I lost was all that important... then it reminds me and everyone - BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP!!!

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