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Many many people have asked me about my Wii experience so far.
The truth is... there is NO experience!!! Largely cause since I lugged the Wii Console (with the Wii Play) box back on Wednesday (actually more like Thursday early morning); I have since yet to pull the machine out of the spanking new box. Yes, I know how crazy that really sound considering how looooooong I've waited for this day when the Wii is literally in my hands!
But with Film Fest, application migrations, birthday parties, floor explosions all happening within the week... I'd be happy if I can get to bed by 2pm.

Received a call from Gary (Funzsquare) on Tuesday night on my pre-order set. He was commenting how the contact number's ink on this scrappy piece of paper I passed to him sometime in January was almost fading! Instead of getting the pre-bundled set consisting of the Wii Console, extra Wii Controller and the Sonic Hedgehog's Secret Ring Wii game @ S$647, I opted to get the console with the Wii Play @ S$588. The following day I decided to call Gamescore to check on prices; was informed that if I'm not on their pre-order list (which I obviously am not) I will need to wait till NEXT YEAR before I will get my set!!! The waiting list was this loooong! 4 months of patient waiting is long enough for me. Pretty much got the Wii (local set) at 2pm Wednesday afternoon.

So I am officially S$588 poorer, but with 1 million dollars happiness! Also will be getting another Nunchuck, Wii Classic Controller (for those GameCube games) and some Remote Skins. So everything in should set me back around S$680.

Till the Wii Opening Ceremony...


  1. so what will you be doing on Labour Day? ;) what's the update on the floor? my to walk...must be tough avoiding the cracks especially at night..

  2. Am replying this comment via my wii's opera internet browser. wii is simply awesome - what else will i be doing on labour day. floor still in mess...


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