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Cannot be a busier month.
It's scary to think that I have like
- 9 birthdays (all of which are friends I care enough to celebrate with)
- 1 Father's Day Celebration
- 1 Hen's Party
- 1 Overseas Mission Trip
- 1 Church Camp
- Art Festival Events

These couple of days since returning from Tanjung Pinang have been nothing but sourcing for dinner venues and presents. Thank God for online shopping where I found something suitable for my Dad (an awesome "DAD - Dedicated and Devoted" T-Shirt) and some kiddie gift ideas for Cad and Bran. And this rather useful website - Hungry Go Where? which have since grown into a decent comprehensive database for makan venues and food reviews. It opens up a palette for variety in taste for places you'd never thought existed in the 1st place to even visit. I'll be checking out a not so common cuisine this weekend ;P

I have not even started on my Great Singapore Sale (GSS) Shopping...
There's this overflowing list of items I need to get; Beach Dress, Shoes, Slippers, Office Pants, Under Garments...

I declare June the month of Lavish Spending... in the thoughts that you'd actually save $$$... hmmm...

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