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We had our whole night planned out - chill at Timbre to enjoy 1 for 1 beer of Kilkenny or Erdinger with mexican music from Ensamble Continuo; known for their blend of Hispanic baroque guitar music and contemporary jarana music from Veracruz. Unfortunately or fortunately, we were 2 tables too late. Timbre was packed before 9pm and we were in a queue. Not before long we were greeted with some splatter of raindrops. And since the music (I thought) wasn't bursting with Mexican grooves, we thought we'd check out some other drinking place.

It didn't take us long deciding on Muse at the National Museum. Anne figured that this chic hangout opened around March was worth a visit since it's only just across the street.
As we walked closer to the venue, we were lured by smooth crooning of classic Jazz. We found ourselves at the courtyard of Novus, a 48-seater fine-dining eatery that serves what has been described as posh nosh. It was an unanimous decision to spend some time here. Set amidst the colonial architecture of the Museum huge white walls, the outdoor deco was simple with light greeneries and modern dark furniture. With the dreamy sensual voice of the female performer and stylish finger skills of the guitarist (and I'm still pretty certain this is the same dude who played at Fiona's wedding) we felt a little transported away from sights and sounds of local Singapore. The second act from the duo also suprised us with some moldy evergreen songs like Rick Price's "Heaven Knows", 4 Non Blonde's "No Doubt" and Surface's "Shower Me With Your Love".

There isn't many places I know that make good cocktails. Although on the steep price end (about SGD$15 per cocktail or 50cl Beer), the mix was fantastic. Like how many times have you tried Lychee Martini and swear you felt like drinking an overpriced Lychee Syrup drink in a fancy Martini glass. In fact, all our drinks turned out extremely well, including the Blue Lagoon; for fear it was another awful cough mixture experience. I was introduced by Anne to the Forbidden Fruit, a fruity mix of meshed berries with a dash of Gin. Personally, I opted for a save draft Korenburg Dark Beer. Flavour full, as good as Paulaner.

Strangely there wasn't much of a crowd for a Friday night. At 11.30pm when we left, only a couple of tables were occupied.
We decided to check out Muse on the other wing of the build on our way out. Chandeliers hang from the high ceilings and its décor is a quirky mix of bohemian New York style and modern French vogue. There are large sofas and soft LED lights illuminate the indoor section of the bar to give it a homely yet stylish feel. Music was laid-back house and chill out pumped in by a revolving selection of homegrown DJs. The crowd on the other hand were older with a few bolding, belly bulging Ang Mohs in there 40s...

It all goes to show that sometimes we plan for something... and weather have a way of changing the course of events.

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