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Must have this for my Mr. Potato Collection!
Whoever sees it in a local store, please drop me a note!

Whaaa! I got a kind sponsor for the Mr. Potato Head Opti-Mash Prime!
Thanks so much Fran & Adrian! CoOoLZ!


  1. you may want to check out this item over at simplytoys in the Raffles MRT Station. they sell previous potato items before.

    This shop actually deals with specialise toys and collectibles. :-)

    btw, still in singapore. flying off to rome on 25th June. :-P


  2. Harros. I bought this for Adrian a few days ago! Available at Toys "R" Us. :)

  3. Wei! Which Toys "R" Us you buy from? How much was it?

  4. The one at United Square. Just next to my office :)

    $19.90. Still affordable. heh.

    There's another Transformer toy... it transforms into a Nike shoe. Saw it at the display case of Square 2 (Novena Square). My colleague is planning to buy that. lol.

  5. I paid $9.90 for my Darth Tarta only leh... but you're right - $19.90 is still ok... some clown on ebay trying to sell for $25!

    Thanks for the info!

  6. I think you missed out this one:

  7. Optimash Prime Potatohead?? soooo cuuuute!!!

    I love it!


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