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Domestic Bliss: Exploring the Myth of the Happy Home
Vincent Leong, Chang Yoong Chia, Sharmiza Abu Hassan /
Sculpture Square

The concept of family and home is an enduring and powerful force in Asian society. But laid over this hallowed reverence is the material gloss of the modern era. An idealised model of the nuclear family has come to be at the centre of advertising images, superseding the complex and multi-generational family structures that traditional Asian families possess. What is lost in this idealising process? Must happiness be linked with material advancement? Is the suburban ideal of bungalow life and strict gender roles a guarantee of happiness? Should we be aspiring to lifestyles that are being increasingly challenged abroad?

Several contemporary Malaysian artists have produced challenging, funny and thought-provoking explorations on family and domesticity. Installations and objects produced by artists such as Vincent Leong, Chang Yoong Chia and Sharmiza Abu Hassan present a fresh and stimulating take on domestic bliss.

Streetworks: Inside Outside Yokohama
Shaun Gladwell, Craig Walsh /
Curated by David Broker
The Substation Gallery

A highlight of the International Triennale of Contemporary Art Yokohama 2005, the work of leading Australian video artists, Shaun Gladwell and Craig Walsh, makes its way to Singapore on its tour of South East Asia. While Walsh connects the gallery space to the outside urban environment, Gladwell works in reverse. In different ways both artists have produced work that generates a tension between gallery and the public street. Their emphasis on other opposing values is also highlighted in the exhibition that moves laterally around concepts of performance and documentation, high art and low art, sub-cultural and pop-cultural, staged and real. Curated by David Broker, Director, Canberra Contemporary Art Space.

Azhanti High Lightning
Simon Birch, Wing Shya /

Contemporary Asian society is constantly buffeted by change, often sudden, unexpected, affecting an individual or entire culture, and with lasting influence. Come face to face with change, evolution and inevitability in this dramatic and immersive installation artwork that fills an entire gallery space. With seven distinct parts and film-set type construction, the installation takes the viewer on a remarkable journey of sights and sounds, beginning with a large sculpture. Describing the spaces will be a series of room experiences that feature among others, a sword-wielding samurai and a 360-degree movie theatre.
Azhanti High Lightning is one of the most ambitious multiple media projects ever undertaken at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery. Conceived by Hong Kong/British artist Simon Birch, with additional work contributed by leading Hong Kong photographer Wing Shya.

Azhanti High Lightning News Clip 01Azhanti High Lightning News Clip 02

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