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It was by freak chance that I got tickets to my 1st "real" Symphony Concert. A couple of weeks back tickets on Sistic were all SOLD OUT. A day before the opening premiere, I thought why not check the site again... and LOW & BEHOLD!!! There were circle 1 seats (darn good ones looking down at the stage) going for SGD$20 bucks!
I booked them immediately!

It was the best SGD$20 I've spent in a long time!

It was a night of suprises with awesome themes of Mario Bros, Sonic, Metal Gear, Daytona, Final Fantasy and Zelda (this one was priceless!) played by a whole Orchestra with chours by NUS.

Surrounded by lots of Gamer Geeks, a few even trying a couple of pick up lines with us. Hee!


  1. Wendy was telling me about the performance. It sounds cool! I did see an article about it somewhere. Sounded cool, but never acted on it, to get tickets. Now I wish I did!

  2. It was also freak luck that I managed to get tickets and darn good seats at only $20 bucks!
    Overall value for money and most enjoyable.

    I'm not a symphony concert goer... but this was really worth the trip.


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