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I got myself yet another ultra cool Arts Festival commemorative T-Shirt yesterday at the Play! Video Symphony. Designed by Monochroma, this is a special T-shirt for the Play! Asian Premiere. Was contemplating to get Takenobu Mitsuyoshi to sign on the T, but I figured I wanted much more to wear it.
The guys who sold me the 1st T-shirt at the Padang actually remembered who I was!
Now that is freaky...

Another design by Monochroma. The images for the Festival campaign featured a cocoon from which a flying muse emerges to reflect the soaring new heights of creative vibrancy, vigor and radiance. The flowing tendrils of the Festival T-shirt is the artists' interpretation of this theme.

To commemorate the celebration of 21st edition of the Arts Festival as well as its 30th anniversary, the range carries the label: 2+1=3+0 (twoplusoneequalsthreepluszero)

Car Decal designed by Antz

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