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It's an all round Royston Tan affair.

It started with the Hokkien filled 'Techno-Cat' comments to Lasers Shooting off Madonna-Like bra cups' '881'. It certainly wasn't a fantastic film, with a more then ridiculous Ge-Tai story plot. The characters were predictable and lacked depth. The film came across more like a no budget La Vegas cabaret showcase of Hokkien Sing and Dance. Maybe it was meant to be... The humour was brainless but great for a late Friday night after a long work week.

Now to find the '881' Music Soundtrack!

On the other hand, the 2003 movie '15'; about real-life juvenile gangsters, was an honest and accurate depiction of Chinese teenage gang-life in the Singapore suburbs.

In the full blown Roystan Tan mood, we enjoyed '15' with Rite Pizza + Vodka Orange.

There were no lack of Hokkien swear words coming out of every other sentence. Again, not the best of movie plots; but the film was close to the heart of a true blue Beng. The film went on to win numerous international film awards which also raised Royston's fame as being the latest cult icon for Singapore cinema.

In many ways, I enjoy Royston's bold and original cinematic styles. A little like Wong Khar-Wai wanna be, and very much influenced by Eric Khoo. With commercialism, let's hope this fine director does not sway to the "dark side".

Another DVD for the collection - Royston's Shorts

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