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I have excess cash left over after 2 visits to the fair! In a good way, I was thankful the experience wasn't a mad buying frenzy.

COMEX Opening Day (Thursday, 30 August)
Excuses used to AWOL to the fair during official working hours -
Moi: "Running some errands"
Kenny: "Some personal matters to attend to"

We were caught in a slight jam driving towards Suntec. Apart from that, Thursday afternoon's visit was a delightfully pleasant one. There was a crowd, but not one that you needed to squeeze your way around. A couple of hours would give you enough time to check out the 3 levels of "bargains" and make a good comparison with those 50 odd flyers stuffed into your hands. There's also time for a Osim feet massage and free NESCAFE coffee.

There were no deals too great not to miss, and there seemed to be ample stock for most hot products. Except for some 50% Creative deals that were quickly labeled as "Out Of Stock".

Samsung SuncMaster 226BW LCD Monitor 03

The only MUST BUY item that day was the Samsung SyncMaster 226BW 22" LCD Monitor.
It was selling at S449 (S$4 cheaper then the best price at Sim Lim), so there wasn't a reason not to pick one up. Not so long ago, the monitor was retailing around S$600.
Another good buy for a LCD Monitor included the ViewSonic 22" VX2235wm going at an unbeatable price of S$399.

My only freebie was a trolley and a darn pen!

I was anxious to find out if I had a perfect (0 dead pixel) monitor. The verdict was 100% satisfactory! THANKFULLY!
It took me another hour to colour calibrate the monitor. Apparently, at 50 - 70% brightness, the LCD lamp can last twice as long compared to one at max percentage. Mine is currently at 80% and I might consider twitting it again at a later time.
I'm still discovering the monitor. Seems that colour and clarity is best faced front and unlike a CRT, fails quite a bit when looked upon in any other angle.

COMEX Opening Day (Sunday, 2 September)
There are only a few reasons you'd go to COMEX again on the last day -
- Get something you missed out before
- Check out on Lelong items
- Get something for a friend whose too lazy to be there
- You got nothing else better to do

I wouldn't like to admit it, but I'm "yes" to all the above.

I went back to pick up the quirky Quick Pod I discovered some time back.
Bought a Maxtor One Touch III Mini External 120GB Harddisk for Wendy and some SANYO Eneloopy rechargeable batteries.
Also picked up a Scandisk 2GB Micro SD Card with a $50 voucher.

The shops were more willing to give slight discounts to clear stock.

I couldn't wait to get out of the crowd.


  1. Wahahaha..yeah, and now its payback time! Also went to the fair on Sunday! bought a DVB tuner for my Kohjinsha

  2. Not bad yah, can watch TV. Did you buy the Shinco one?

    Pics of the Homecoming looks good. Will upload mine later.

  3. waahh nat! you're more tehno-geek than my IT guy in my old office!!

    i mean it in a nice way la! :D


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