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It was between 'Lord of the Flies' (a Classic Horror), 'Black Sheep' (Silly Horror) or 'A Tale of Two Sisters' (Asian Horror).

I can't be happier that I decided to pick director, Ji-woon Kim's 2005 Horror Mystery Drama of a simple Korean Family. With just 4 main characters and a spooky house for a stage, the movie cleverly played out the psychotic effects an event can have on one's life. Just when you thought you've figured the show out (cause there's a scene striking similar to another Hollywood film), another interesting turn of event happens; keeping you figuring out the pieces till the end of the film.

It's got enough classic "ghost under the table" scenes to keep you creeped up; but you'll truly appreciate the film's cinematography, lighting, soundtrack and most of all, Su-jeong Lim's acting.

This is a movie you can't disclose of any spoilers, not even a single bit. When the Asian Horror bug strikes again, I will catch Ju-On or The Ring.

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