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Every since Cin moved into my room earlier this month, we've been sharing a great deal on what contributes to a gastronomical feast.

Dining, to me is like going to the movies. There can never be a substitute. It's an experience; it's a chance for new discoveries.

I've asked myself; apart from the international question - "Which came 1st? The Chicken or the Egg?" the other worldwide Top 10 question - "Do you eat to live or live to eat?".
Life has got to be more then just food... but what joy would life be without good food?
Unlike some others who would splurge big bucks on what they deem as 'good' food, these experiences to me are purely treats. Then, there is always an excuse for a nice treat ;)

Although I am not particular about the food I stuff into my body system, I do know a good meal from another. Just like wine, there is only 2 categories - "Hou Jiak" (Good to Eat) and "Boh Hou Jiak" (Not Good to Eat). Life is complicated enough...

Of course, in between what tingles the taste buds; is the overall experience.
In all truth, I can be very easily contented when it comes to day to day meals.
When you throw hard earned money away, you'd inevitably have some expectations.

With inflation and prices of dining out on the rise, I really want to explore getting my hands dirty in the kitchen more. Pastas, salads, Chinese or Mexican cuisine... Just in case you don't already know... cooking is my hidden love! Just that the time factor never agrees with me. I am a true believer that great meals comes with love and patience... with sensitivity to put in fine touches.

Here are 2 great food review blogs that leaves the mouth watering:
Sparklette and
I Eat, I Shoot, I Blog
If there is one common topic to bring any Singaporean talking, it has gotta be food!

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