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Simply put - I was not impressed yet not overly disappointed.

Wild Rocket at Mount Emily is a place you'd hear so much about that you will take the trouble to make your way up Sophia Hill to Hangout Hotel at Upper Wilkie Road, where the small restaurant is housed.

Lawyer turned Chef, Willin Low at age 34 has transformed the serene hills of Mount Emily with his simple, no fan fare style of Ozzie cooking. Using fresh ingredients and light cooking to bring out the flavour of his dishes.
More often then not, the media is always fascinated with the rebel who chooses the unorthodox career. Reasons why Wild Rocket had have its fair share of publicity from Dinning to Men magazine.

Choices on the menu were extremely limited. Amongst the 7 hungry gals, I think we almost practically ordered every remotely interesting main course. Except for the Lamb Rack (which Lis and Yen were not game for) and perhaps the Seafood crustacean Oil Spaghetti.

The salads were tossed with a generous serving of Arugula leaves. A somewhat peppery leaf that tickles only certain taste buds. I was okay with the green but the petroleum like dressing left an awful aftertaste. I will give their starters a miss in future.

Amongst the main course were a Striploin Steak, with a huge chunk of tendon even a steak knife can't saw through; a Teriyaki Salmon Steak with Brown Rice (interesting flavour in the rice), Quail wrapped in Bacon, the restaurant's popular Crabmeat Linguini (delightfully easy on the sauces' texture) and this rice dish that looked more like mashed up baby food!

The gals were overly bitchy tonight. We had so much comments on the service level that apparently the chef threw in a platter of dessert on top of our Strawberry Cheesecake and Dark Lava Chocolate Gateau. If there's anything to die for - take the Dark Lava Chocolate Gateau that spills hot dark chocolate melting down the vanilla ice cream for that overdose of sweetness!
The free dessert platter had a serving of Kueh Bolu Tiramisu (which is also quite good), a strange bean paste ice cream thinggie and this Pandan Leaf tasting jelly. Both of which I passed on quickly.

For a Tuesday night dinner, the place was packed full. The staff were barely coping and I wouldn't even want to imagine a weekend crowd. Still Willin Low was seen walking around and casually seen talking to his customers.

We had wanted to stop by Wild Oats for some drinks, but dinner stretched a little too long. We however checked out the place and agreed it's somewhere worthy of another visit to hangout.

I think I have been too much a sucker for over priced meals. Suddenly, my mom's plain old carrot and potato soup taste exceptionally good.

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