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What was suppose to be a walk above the trees at the MacRitchie HSBC Tree Top Walk turned out to be rather different on Hari Raya Puasa. We had planned this 10km walking trail to the free-standing suspension bridge about 2 weeks back and were all geared in sporting attire, shoes and shades... all except Sharon...

Despite having made at least 3 phone calls confirming details of the excursion... she casually mistook "Tree Top Walk" as "Tree Top TALK"!?!?!
I approached her from a distance at the car park; she was dressed in a 3/4 long sleeved semi-casual black top, 3/4 khaki pants, SLIPPERS and to top it up... holding this auntie type long wallet; those aunties put underneath their armpits while they shop around the wet market!

I exclaimed "Why are you dressed like that?!?!? How you suppose to walk 10km in those footwear?!?!?"

That was the 1st of the Tree Top Walk disaster of the day.

In some strange way, the other deterring factors such as the long fruitless wait for prata at The Prata House along Upper Thomas and super heavy downpour after breakfast at Cassurina made us drop our original plan to explore something else.

We ended up visiting the War Memorial Museum Reflections @ Bukit Chandu. Driving up the steep slopes of Chandu to a white old colonial house exhibiting Military History and Artifacts of The Malay Regiment & the Battles of Pasir Panjang in WWII.

Bukit Chandu Kent Ridge Park 13102007 01
Defence Of Malaya Gallery

Bukit Chandu Kent Ridge Park 13102007 13
Windows Of Memories - A Great Tradition

Bukit Chandu Kent Ridge Park 13102007 29
Well Of Reflections

It wasn't a very big museum, but the displays were professionally designed. We all enjoyed this very creative and engaging 3D story video on the 2 day battle of 1942 aerial bombardement and burning fuel of Chandu.

In our little misadventure, we found a historical gem.

I later realised from the RBC website that the Hari Raya holiday was the only free admission day for the public! It was simply our lucky day!

Goofing around in Theatre presenting the Binaural Sound Presentation "Sounds of Battle"

Just a stone's throw away from the museum is Kent Ridge Park. In a way, we fulfilled our desire to walk above the canopies of lush green trees. The Kent Ridge Canopy Bride is an easy 280-metres walk with spectacular panoramic views.

Kent Ridge Park Panorama 01
Panoramic view from the bridge

Kent Ridge Park Panorama 02
Another panoramic view looking over the Keppel Port. You can see the southern islands of Bukom and Hantu

It was excellent cool walking weather after the showers while we soaked in what nature has to offer. It was refreshing to be among so much greenery. I suppose Sharon was the most excited as she tried hard to describe different species of flora and fauna to us.

The park is definitely worth many more visits. We have yet to visit the pond and the night scape is heard to bring a very different ambient. Also in construction is an off-roading trek! Wooohooo!

Bukit Chandu Kent Ridge Park 13102007 42
On the bridge looking down at the to-be off road trek

More Bukit Chandu and Kent Ridge Park Pictures

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