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Helooo Larry... Helooo Bob!
The VeggieTales: Lord Of The Beans DVD finally arrived in the mail! Disc is in good shape and I can't wait to soak in some Veggie Laughter!
How I love a bouncy Cucumber and squashy Tomato!
When Wendy?!?!?

Easter Egg Treasures on the DVD:
- Footage from Big Idea's Trip to Dollywood
- Alternate Raspberry Forest Scene on Storyboard
- Hidden animation segment feature "Sporks"! (Now this is interesting)

Can't get enough of those Silly Songs with Larry!


  1. ooh... veggie tales! wanna watch it too. watched once, think at a lectors retreat... screened by Father Iggy I think... sooo hilarious and cute...!

  2. Oh yah... was thinking of organising a Veggie Nite. We'll eat only vegetables and watch VeggieTales. NOOO Meat Wen... NOOO Meat!

  3. but then we will be like eating the characters on the show!!!.. is that kind of strange... heh...

  4. Hmmm... but they are vegetables what!?!?!


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