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For the longest time I've always wanted to have earlier nights. Sleep before 12mn. Heard enough people telling me that the body regenerates and recovers itself best between the hours of 11pm - 2pm. Best to be sleeping by then. Almost strangely, I've been sleeping extremely early (by my standards at least), around 9.30pm on Monday (after the Ubin Reccee Ride the day before) and around 11pm there after and 10pm last night. If you have heard about my sleeping pattern, you'd know that I will sleep no more then 7 hours from the hour that I retire. That also means that I have been waking at insanely early hours. Like 4am on the Monday night which I slept at 9 plus! It's just the way my body functions... no such thing as a lazy late sleep in even if I really wanted to. So that kind of makes the day longer and so the cycle happens again. Guess it will take awhile to adjust to the new pattern, just that the hours in the night are when I get most of my personal stuff done... watching TV, reading, chatting, gaming...

The week was also different as I made an effort to cook a couple of dinner meals. It worked out to be a significant financial saver considering the increase inflation these days. Already for lunch I am paying between 30 - 50 cents more. Just yesterday, a bowl of rice at the Food Republic Food Court cost me 60 cents! Don't get me started bitching further... It's getting ridiculous and by the looks of it... will only get worse. I figure that eating in for dinner will be a nice area to start saving a little, and I suppose it's healthier?!?!

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