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The Mustard that started a dinner...

Who would have thought that a mouth-watering German feast of sausages, vinegar potato salad, garden salad, asparagus and broccoli cream soup would evolve from a simple bottle of Swedish Mustard that I bought recently from Ikea. Since Christmas is inching nearer, I always liked paying Ikea a visit to see if I could find something interesting as part of the gift giving attachment. While shopping I was also sparked into Adrian's Confirmation gift. Though I was hoping for more inspiration, it wasn't a totally fruitless trip.

I returned home and shared my Swedish Mustard find with Wendy. We started discussing about how delicious fat juicy sausages would taste with the mustard! That spurned on to dinner arrangements and grocery shopping on the weekend.

Baked sausages with a wrinkled texture - still yummy nevertheless

The infamous 1 and 1/2 Bun! Apparently another 1/2 a bun is stuck to the bottom to make the bun deeper... duh!

I arrived at Wendy's before dinner to help with the dinner spread. Wendy and mom had graciously payed Cold Storage a visit in the morning to pick up around 4 types of different sausages; mixture of chicken, turkey, pork and this one with mango bits in it. The sausages were half pan fried and half baked. There was also a special 1 and a 1/2 bun dish that Wendy's mom prepared. Like a clam chowder bread bowl, the centre filling was minced meat with egg - oven baked.

Sharon with the Garden Salad, while I show off the Swedish Mustard and pan fried Sausages

The mustard was a hit. By the end of dinner, we were left with less then 1/4 bottle. Wendy and I can only imagine what else can spark another such dinner. Wendy was happy like a bird as she cut through the fleshy sausages; actually I was too... just that I hide my delightful savory better. By the end of dinner, we had consumed a bottle of WolfBlass Billyarra Shiraz and everything served on the table.

Dessert was a round of WolfBlass President's Selection 2004 vintage Chardonnay that went surprisingly well with Blackforest Cheese. The night was almost turning into an atas European snob get-together. Thankfully the Blackforest Cheese was nothing pungent along the line of Blue Cheese but a little too rich for my liking. Almost tasting like a fruity overkill cheesecake. Then again, I seriously don't have a sweet tooth... I even found the Chardonnay on the sweet side!

After dinner entertainment was stage musical turned movie, "HairSpray". The film brought back old "Grease" favorites; John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron from "High School Musical" fame. The high point of the film was actually when Wendy's dad discovers shockingly 1/2 way through the film that the cross-dressed Edna Turnblad was actually John Travolta. We all burst out laughing really hard!

Wendy continued with "Underdog" while I really had to call it a night. Thanks again for the awesome dinner!

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