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Shirley gave me a treat of Deep-fried Mars Bars from Chippys this afternoon. I've been thinking about it since my Ya Kun conversation with Tom last week. Dennis and Tom brought up a dare challenge in which June refused to believe there is such a thing as Deep-fried Mars Bars! Tom's comment on the snack - "It will totally change your life"! With a layer of hot and crispy batter skin on the outside and soft melted Mars chocolate in the inside. It was sinfully good and I was secretly thankful that I will be hitting the gym later in the evening.

It's been ages since I last stepped into Planet Fitness. Gym sessions sort of halted since I picked up cycling. It's been so long, the place had actually re-arranged some of the equipment and now have this card system to remove locker keys!

Had a hours' work-out in Body Combat and joined Des downstairs for a short run on the treadmill . I think I burnt no more then 89 calories on the run which equates to maybe 1/2 a piece of Mars Bar...
We were talking about his upcoming run at the Standard Chartered Marathon coming up this Sunday which I was so close to joining. The more we talked (while we ran), the more I regretted not signing up... not that I will actually have enough training before the event, but I could have gotten the free goodie bag with an Adidas running singlet... for free... huh!
I did some resistance exercises before heading into the steam bath. There is nothing like winding down in a sizzling hot steaming room. You can literally feel the muscles softening. I always look forward to a good 10 - 15 mins after a well deserved work out.

Realised I missed the smell of perspiration stained on the equipments and walking around barefooted in the Ladies Changing Room... Ahhh... it feels good to have worked the body again.


  1. Hey Nat, when I said that it would totally change your life, I meant that it'll raise your cholesterol up to life-threatening levels! Great to have seen you again.

  2. Yah Lah... I understood what you meant... reason why I had to hit the gym...
    Don't take too long to drop by again


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