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Standard Chartered Marathon 02122007 05
The last leg of the Standard Chartered Marathon 2007 at the Padang

Standard Chartered Marathon 02122007 12
Runners crossing through the finishing line

40,000 participants, a 42km marathon distance, a 100m dash to the grand finishing line - 6 crazy friends who took the challenge to "run their own race".
Well, it's more like 2 insane friends - Adrian and PJ who were at the flag off in the wee morning hours at 5.30am to attempt the grueling 42km run. Daylight has not even broke through yet. The thought to attempt the full marathon is courage in itself.
It was Adrian's 3rd marathon and PJ's 1st. That gal's got serious balls!

Des, Des and Karen took on the more leisurely paced 10km run bringing them through nice shady surroundings of the Marina Bay area and Shenton Way. Wei Sian opted for the 1/2 marathon (21km) which was in his opinion - just nice.

I arrived slightly before 8.30am at the last stretch of the Padang leading up to the finishing line. Herds of 10km and 21km participants were already pounding the tarmac as they dashed towards the end of the run. It was almost a stampede awaiting to happen and pretty much impossible to catch a glimpse of anyone you know coming in. Des and Karen had already completed their 10km run in about 1hr 15mins. As I was watching out for any familiar faces running in, Wei Sian called that he had just passed the finishing line and collected his 21km medal.

We met at the Padang grounds to pick up bananas and 100 plus. It was a great carnival atmosphere with games for the kids and Adidas photographers snapping participants and supporters. By this time, runners who completed the run were spilling in and we headed over to City Hall for breakfast.

Standard Chartered Marathon 02122007 28
Silly encouragement notes runners wrote pinned to their backs

Char Kuey Teow would have been a heartier meal then the really lousy BK breakfast. Maybe the staff were just too overwhelmed with the large crowd pouring in. We had waiting almost 45mins in the queue.

We headed back to the Padang around 11am to catch the full marathon runners come in at around 5hrs. 2 girls were holding their hands in the air as they crossed the finishing line - that's what I call "Girl Power"! The DJ had to play Will I Am's "I got it from my Mama" on seeing that. There were some Ah Jeks limping in and it was a really exhilarating watch as the DJ counted down for runners to come in within the 5hrs 30mins mark. Adrian was no where in sight and came in around 6hrs 15mins.

At the end of the day, the event captured the spirit of a personal challenge. It was truly evident in the smiles of so many strangers' faces. Even if for the next couple of days - many would have a seriously hard time walking! Everyone of those participants could have slept in on a lovely Sunday morning, but their will power to complete the run is sheer admiration in itself. Whatever the timing was - each one of you should be really proud of yourselves!

See you next year... if all goes as planned... I will attempt the 10km run! Wendy, you should be on the grounds running in; instead of the sides looking in...

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