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I played one of my worst games at Sunday's Annual Bowling Tournament! Cannot be more disappointed! I had 1 practice session last Wednesday which I actually did consistently well (avg. score of 124) but the ball was rolling all over the place on Sunday - literally. Before the practice game, the last time I touched a bowling ball was at last year's competition! Last year, we put together a strong team. This year the team was piecemeal. 2 of our strongest original members wasn't with us. John; our champion player who played with me last year, represented the company in the Open Category and begged the Open Championship Title! This year he also picked up the Turkey Prize and Overall Best Men Score. We were pretty sure that with our average scores there will be no way we can be within the Top 5.

This year there were a total 16 Teams. With much struggle, we wobbled in at 7. A far cry from 2nd last year; but with 2 new players and almost no practice, we were still pleasantly surprised at our standing. My score for the 3 games were 118,133,117. Overall Female standing at 19th amongst 45. Was at No. 8th last year and 25th the year before. In 2005 I did the Turkey dance; once in like my entire life! 2007... no significant improvement or regression...


  1. lnfnmif there is any consolation for you, my ave score on a good day (and I don't have much of those!) would be just a little above 100... ;-)


  2. Bowling is such an unpredictable game *LOL*. Mentally, Physically even technically everything have to fall in place - footwork, follow-through stroke, moisture in the holes; even breathing!

    Everything falls between the moment you pickup the ball and your swing... you'll know if you had a good one or not...


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