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Camp Poster designed by Fab

Ideas and planning are already on its way for the year end Youth Camp. From what we've put together in the programme schedule I'm quite certain it will be fun-filled and thrilling ride for the youth. The design for the exciting Ubin Amazing Race is 90% drawn out. In true Amazing Race style, Dennis even took the effort to design those Road Block, Detour and Pit-Stop cards! They will look groovy for the race! We've also confirmed 3 hours of round-robin for the Laser Quest. It will be a war fare waiting to happen!

As we draw nearer to the camp dates, there are still numerous logistical items to settle. I'm also preparing to put myself in the right frame of mind as I take on the role of facilitator for the young ones. No doubt it may be a fun camp, but I figure it will be necessary to mellow my heart for Christ to be able to work through me.

I don't get a whole load of free time to quieten down my soul. Everyday is so filled with activities and planning for more activities. It's crazy with trips in the pipeline, Christmas around the corner and everything else towering over me. There is a sense of anxiety that I ain't gonna have enough time to get everything done in time. It's like a feeling of uneasiness - even fear. This happens more often then not toward the end of year. Christmas shopping, festive get-togethers, house-cleaning... I always have to refocus myself on what is most important during this time of the year.

As we prepare for the entry into the Advent Season this weekend... may my heart be prepared for Christmas.

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