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Okie, I caved... or I just had to taste for myself just what a WASSANT really is all about. Why Cin raves non-stop about it and why it almost always get sold out if I ever drop by the Central Basement outlet of Petit Provence after office hours.

The small bakery outlet of Petit Provence at Central only have a handful of pastries on sale. Of which, the wassants are the HOT favourite. Going at only 50 cents, you can get a 10cm long croissant looking wassant in either Choc or Creme. Thought I will pick a couple more since it's so rare I actually find it on sale.

The wassants looks better then it taste. Perhaps because of all the over the top reviews, I was really expecting to be blown away. The choc or creme is lightly smeared within the layers of the pastry. I was expecting a rich chocolaty or creamy flavour but the overall taste was not overwhelming. Thankfully it wasn't overly sweet but the bread's pastry was not fluffy and soft. Maybe because it was already towards the end of the day? It wasn't all that bad, but certainly not bursting with goodness for me. I'm not a bread or pastry kind of person - so I may not be good judge.

I'm almost starting to think that this wassants craze is starting to appear like the sprouting number of sub standard doughnut joints. Bring back Dunkin Doughnuts and bring in Kripsy Creme!

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