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The Kids Camp ROCKED! Hands were in the air, children dancing everywhere! If the Children are our future, then I think the Kids Camp did a great job in instilling a sense that Church can be darn fun. If I am not wrong, we're into our 3rd year of the Kids Camp and I was invited to attend the BBQ and Camp Fire Night.

With as many as 100 hyper children, there was a larger then normal BBQ pit serving out a few hundred sticks of satay, lamb chops and Auntie Loo's specially marinated tender beef steaks. There were stations for roasted beef, baked ham and the usual spaghetti, potato balls and fish balls... it was food galore! Enough to tempt any taste buds. Towards the end of dinner, the kids were hovering around the warm pit, barbecuing mushmellows!

St Teresa Kids Camp BBQ Camp Fire Night 18112007 23
Kids Praise - STC Style!

St Teresa Kids Camp BBQ Camp Fire Night 18112007 29
Fortunately no one was throwing down their old shoe from the nearby housing estate due to the loud music

It's the 1st time I've visited the Kids Camp and arrived in time to catch the youth setting up the stage and sound system for the Kids' Praise. There was a really groovy backdrop which added to the whole 70s Rock and Roll feel. Full set of band equipment - drums, keyboards, amps for the electric guitar and wireless ear mics. There was also an extended make-shift stage for the Praise Leaders to dance and do their thing. Think it was made up of a couple of crates and extremely flimsy looking. Thankfully it managed to hold the weight of 5 vigorously jumping youth! Francis was so inspired by the DVD of Hill Songs Kids where little children were praising their innocent lungs out through simple action songs. Those guys spent so many hours practicing the songs and actions. They looked just like Rock Stars on stage! But when you look upon those young faces learning to Praise and Worship God, you know you've planted some very precious seeds within them.

St Teresa Kids Camp BBQ Camp Fire Night 18112007 46
The youth leaders sets aflame the bond fire

St Teresa Kids Camp BBQ Camp Fire Night 18112007 64
The cool weather and still winds made it a perfect night for a bond fire

The second part of the program was the lighting of the bond fire. A huge 2 - 3m blazing fire set in the centre of the round about driveway. Ralph's dad was standing nearby with 2 huge cans of fire extinguisher! Camp fires will be camp fires... silly camp fire songs, bomb cheers and even more ridiculous action songs! At some point through the fun and games, I was commenting to Auntie Denise on the endless amount of energy these kids have. Although she, Uncle James, Auntie Loo, Uncle Seng, Auntie Serene even Lucy and Dennis still had a smile on their faces, you can somehow see through their tiredness. Auntie Denise was just thankful for all the energy the youth rendered during the camp; being big bros and sis, watching out for the little ones, running all over the place and helping in the organisation of the programs. It is also through a camp such as this that they leave behind their pampered habits, step up and take care of someone who needs them more.

And what better way to end the night with ice-cream and a video screening of the camps' event. The kids were beaming with laughter and it made all the hard work of the camp worthwhile.

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