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Wine Arcade 03112007 01
Wine Arcade along Mackenzie Road

It was a post wedding get-together by Pris & Ron at the Wine Arcade along Mackenzie Road, just down the mount from Wild Rocket. There was something extremely familiar with either the signage or the entrance of the place. It made you feel you had passed by the area before.

When we arrived; Pris, Karen and Sheen had set up a registration booth right outside the sleazy Hostel Mackenzie with the words "Room for Rent". It looked strangely wrong! Fortunately, there was no lighted number.

Wine Arcade 03112007 09
Walls of bottled wine categorised by the country of origin

The Wine Arcade appears to be a great place for wine. The dark candlelit interiors had walls of bottled wine from the popular wine producing regions. I also noticed a good selection of New World Wines from South Africa and Chile. Wine was free flow for the night. I started with a White (which happened to be a dessert sweet), then a Merlo Red (lightly flavoured and easy to drink) and ended with numerous glasses of Rose Red (had a sparky zest flavour). Though I thought we missed the cheese and crackers that would have went really well with the drinks.

I didn't have a chance to run through the cost of wine consumption, but there were some decently priced wines to take away. Jimmy, the owner of the place; commented that there will be a good bottle that will suit any price range.

A visit to a wine place such as this certainly reminds me of the cupboard filled bottles yet to be enjoyed back home. As far as I'm concerned, wine needs to be drank to be enjoyed :)

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